I love Waterloo.  It’s the best city to live in and raise a family.  After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2004 with an Honours degree in economics and accounting, my wife and I chose to stay here to raise our two children.  We have lived in Ward 2 for more than a decade and have seen the substantial growth in our community.

Managing that growth is a challenge, with the Region of Waterloo estimating that an additional 100,000 residents will choose to live in our region by 2031.  Ensuring that our city continues to be a livable, walkable city in the face of this growth will be an important focus for our city council.

Fostering a sense of belonging, promoting and embracing the diversity of our community and ensuring strong neighbourhoods are essential for a growing city like Waterloo.  Additionally, making sure that we have premiere facilities where our community can gather, including our libraries, parks, community centres and sports facilities are some of the fundamentals of a world class city.  It’s essential that your city council ensures these facilities are accessible and well maintained for everyone to enjoy.

I am the right person to represent you on these issues and more.  I have spent more than a decade working in the private sector, which has afforded me the great opportunity to work alongside people from around the world, working towards common goals.  I value open, honest and straight forward communication.  In my roles in sales, product development and supply chain management, my approach to communications gave me the experience needed to work with vast stakeholder groups and champion issues and identify opportunities on their behalf.  My economics and accounting background has served my stakeholders well, as I have extensive experience preparing and managing budget constraints in an ever-changing business world.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing the issues that affect your lives every day.  If I receive the privilege of earning your trust and your vote, I will bring all of my diverse skills as well as my passion for the community to work for you.

On October 22nd, please vote Royce Bodaly for Ward 2 city Councillor.